Monday, July 30, 2007

Back to Stitching

With the August birthdays pressing, I actually picked up a needle on Sunday night for the first time in ages. I have nearly completed one present (just an inch or so to sew up!) and I have started the final push on the other. I really feel like I'm back in it. I know I can also finish the birth sampler this month, but I am very disappointed with how things are going with the marquoir. I have joined a yahoo group that stitches French samplers every Tuesday--but how many Tuesdays have I stitched on this?--and every once in a while I hold it up to the wall where it will hang (impressively no doubt) but I just have such a hard time stitching it. I love it...and I will love it when it is done, so how come it's so hard to do?

I had semi-planned to take up the carpeting in the craft room this weekend, but instead I was consumed by shopping, movie-going, lawn mowing, and cleaning. I can recommend Ratatouille which was adorable, although I did have to pick my feet up off the floor when the rats swarmed. We finally watched The Departed as well. Having grown up in the 70s watching the Boston news stations, the beginning of that movie was a true flashback. My father's a big fan of Howie Carr (how I am related to him, I do not know), so he followed Whitey Bulger's career with interest bordering on obsession. Even though the movie wasn't about him, it was, you know? And now the dude wishes he had read the book my dad lent him, doesn't he?


Michelle said...

I know what you mean - I have a gorgeous piece that I love, that will be so pretty when it's finished and framed, but I just can't seem to stitch on it. I have no idea why. Good luck with your Marquoir - if you find a trick that works, let me know!

Barbara said...

Ratatoiulle hits here August 1st and the boys really want to see it. :)

Good luck with the stitching projects!!

Anna van Schurman said...

Well, Barbara, you will enjoy it. Isn't nice to go to movies with the kids knowing we can enjoy them too?

Cathy said...

I picked up my feet during Ratatoiulle as well, especially when the roof caved in...yikes.

XmaryX said...

OMG! Howie Carr is so evil (still!) when it comes to Whitey Watch!
Brother Billy was at my great-aunt's funeral about 20+ years ago.
Is the Departed on DVD now? I have to get it!
I love your blog- it makes me laugh.