Saturday, June 30, 2007

Crooning a Tune in June

June's goals included:
  • Work on the marquoir I did get some done. You can see my progress in the photo. Compare it to the last progress picture.
  • Finish Alex's birth sampler (and send the damn presents!)--I did send the presents which should arrive before the kid outgrows them, but I haven't worked on the sampler since I showed it to you here.
  • Work on an anniversary present for the dude--nearly done. New photo below; compare here.
  • Work on Anna's Bird (UFO) I didn't get to this one.
  • Start Promise of Summers to Come--Oh, boy did I ever! You can see it below; compare here.

For July

  • Work on the marquoir
  • Finish the birth sampler and the anniversary present
  • Start the 60th birthday present

I think I'm going to stop there and see how far I can get!

1 comment:

Barbara said...

Great work, Anna! I really like Promise of Summers to Come. :)