Saturday, June 23, 2007

Update on the Dude's Anniversary Present

I've been stitching this on the bus--only on the way home when the dude's not around. I also spent some time working on it on the recent trip. It's going pretty quickly. I might even be able to get it framed!

I didn't want the flower to be so stripey, so I've been taking random stitches with the red. That's why it looks like it has freckles right now.

Yesterday on the El, a man told me it was pretty--I think it's the colors. He asked what it was going to be, so I showed him. He told me he also liked the pillow (this is one of SamSarah's Doubles so there is also a felt version). Then he asked if I sold them. I just smiled and said it wouldn't be profitable.

PS For more about Stitcher's Paradise, check out Kathryn's links in the comments below.


Barbara said...

It's looking great! :) LOL @ selling stitched items not being profitable. My god, as slow as I stitch, I'd have to charge in the triple digits!

Michelle said...

I like the effect on the flower, with not stitching in lines. I too am stitching on Eric's anniversary gift without him around...not as easy as it seems. I like the colors in this too.