Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Book Recommendation

Recently, I ordered a couple of Christiane Dahlbeck books from the French Needle: Fadenspiel and Osterfest. It was hard to choose just two of the quirky whimsical books from this designer! I'm totally in love with Fadenspiel. I'm carrying it with me every day. I just flip idly through the pages imagining all the pretty things I could stitch, you know, if I had way more time in my day for thread play.

There are about 30 patterns in this book, but really the ways you can use them are endless. Many of the motifs are shown on a variety of projects. I am a big fan of the crowns and all the hearts are so so so so cute! And a chart for ginko leaves--who'd have thought it? The path between Haverford (where I partied) and Bryn Mawr (where I studied) was littered with ginko leaves (and the unfortunately noisome berries). I might have to make something for old times' sake.

Osterfest (Easter) has lots of bunny charts, and I was charmed by the one on the cover. I'm not as thrilled with this book, but there are lots of cute things in it. I can't wait to see more work from this designer.

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Barbara said...

Look out, she's addictive!