Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fits and Starts

Well, kids, I have lost track of the days. I wanted to respond to some of your comments, and I started to, but then I felt like I should take a photo of the attic detritus. Then, bad job stuff. So last night I needed a hug and a hamburger. And then, because I am so excited about my landscape design class (Three people! Talk about individualized attention! The instructor thinks we may be able to--as a class--design more than one spot for each person. How amazing is that for $55? Remind me to tell you the story about my bunnies.), I had to go to the library and get books about perennials, and then read them. But I'm back, temporarily to tell you that I am busy again tonight--suddenly I have a social life?

March 1, time to review.

1. Dolly Mama Poodle--due 2/15 Done!
2. Continue to work on the Tree of Life UFO I did work on this, but didn't finish
3. Work on the marquoir. Try to finish part 2 by the 16th, so I can start part 3 before part 6 is released. Did you get all that? I did some more, finishing part 2 and beginning part 3
4. Continue working on the Tall Flowers sampler This is coming along
5. Hope I receive the next RR so I can finish in time for camp (3/8) I didn't receive it. No biggie, we'll finish this eventually.

I was kind of thinking that Tree of Life and Tall Flowers would be done so that I could start some new things...well, one new thing and return to one new UFO. Should I forge ahead with what I've been working on, or start something new? How about both?
1. Continue to work on the Tree of Life UFO
2. Work on the marquoir
3. Continue working on the Tall Flowers sampler
4. Start the Apple Sampler by Curtis Boehringer from the defunct Cross Stitch Sampler
5. Spend the weekend (3/8-3/11) near Tulsa starting--and finishing--some new projects! Whoot!


Cathy said...

I thought Mrs. Henderson Presents was great. Rob didn't watch it with me, but I think he would have liked it, if for no other reason than there were gratuitous boob shots through the whole movie.

Michelle said...

Glad you will be getting so much out of your landscape class with only three people there! Can't wait to see more of Tall Flowers, love that piece. We'll be going to Philadelphia in Aug for a wedding, and it will be sort of a whirlwind tour, but maybe we can catch up for lunch or something? Will let you know details as it gets closer.