Sunday, March 04, 2007


I don't encourage you, do I? I never tell you how much your comments mean to me. How I check my e-mail wondering if, when, you'll comment on what I have to say. So here it is: me, responding.

I'm shocked, shocked, that no one was appalled by my father's firm grasp on the MREs from Vietnam... about 30 years past their sell-by date, as it were. I will bring the camera next time we journey to the center of the attic, but I can offer a shot of the goodies I'll be putting on e-bay after camp.

I'm glad to know I am not alone in my feelings about the EGA. Jo's so lucky, and even Katrina because she has alternatives. If I have them, I haven't found them through a google search. I do wish working women, and especially women with children who work outside the home (all mothers are working mothers), didn't perplex people so much. But it's good to know others are struggling with the issue. It is through this struggle that we will persevere! (Or, I'll win the lottery, stop working, and find something else to complain about.) Even though someone was willing to admit that the boards can get to her, you all were so kind to ignore the part where I make fun of a dead girl. It's great. You think I'm funny, and the weird parts you sort of ignore. Now imagine if you knew me in person and had to negotiate those landmines.

Nevertheless, I hope I get to meet Michelle when she comes to Philadelphia.

I found both Adorn and Sew Simple at Borders, if that helps.

And as always, many thanks for your kind comments on my work, the cards, the stitching, all of it.


Coral said...

I am so glad you like 'me comments', I like your blog!!

jo said...

I've tried to find the Sew Simple magazine everywhere and no luck. I just ordered all 3 issues online. Will let you know how useful they are to me...but I'm fairly certain I will love them.

Melissa said...

Anna-MREs from Vietnam? I have a ton of newer ones in my garage for hurricane season. My kids opened a few to get the candy out and the heating element stuff and blew up bottles of water in the yard. I freaked. Reboxed everything and put them up too high for them to reach, out of sight you know.

I envy your trip to Camp Wannasew. One of these years I'm going to go.

xsquared said...

"Commentative" is my new favorite word, thank you!

I also love comments. Lordy, do I love comments. We're going on vacation next week, and I've actually been trying to figure out where there is computer access, so I can check for comments.

Michelle said...

Have to say I wasn't shocked by the MREs because my dad has a boat motor in his attic (and we don't have a boat...nor do we live near water). I think Eric's Dad may have the MREs in the attic as well. I think my parents also still have the lifesize plaster Marilyn Monroe sculpture I made in high school! LOL!