Friday, February 23, 2007


For some reason, when I uploaded these photos (all at once), blogger read them as one, so I can't move them about as I had planned.

The two photos of Sampler in the Tall Flowers shows the progress I made after twelve hours in the car--not stitching the whole time. The fabric is totally washed out, but the floss shows it's true colors. How weird is that? This one is just so happy!

The cards are from Tuesday's session with our stamping friends. From the left, is a sympathy card that used versamark ink with chalks, you probably can't tell the green cardstock is watermarked and there is a burgundy ribbon. It's very subdued. The big flower card is ultra-simple with no interesting techniques, but it shows what you can achieve with few materials. (Simple Scrapbooks is my favorite, so you can see why I'd love this card! However, I thought of it on my own--I made a very similar one last summer, with a slightly smaller big flower stamp but outlined with "marker stitches.") The pig is popped off the background, but you can't tell from this picture. And I did a lousy job with the rollerstamp. I hate using those things.


Chelle said...

I googled your Tall Flowers design, had to see the whole thing. How kewl is that? It's not my usual sort of thing but I really like it. I'll be watching your progress.

I think your cards are awesome. Those of us who have never used a rollerstamp think your technique looks fantastic. :o)

Michelle said...

Your Tall Flowers piece is beautiful. You are making great progress on it. Love the pig!!

Barbara said...

Very nice pics, despite their blobbiness. ;>

JOT said...

I love your stitching and card!