Wednesday, January 10, 2007


In an article on stress reduction, Kim Ode talks to experts who explain how cross-stitch helps you de-stress:

If this all sounds a little too loopy, consider that everyone who has a hobby employs just this sort of focused concentration, [Judith Lies, who teaches stress reduction techniques at Seeds of Mindfulness in Minneapolis] said. "Whether you play the piano or do cross-stitch, it's that experience of having 20 minutes to spare but ending up doing it for 40 minutes because you've let go of all the stimuli and expectations and drudgery and allowed yourself to just be."

Ah yes, that’s why I didn’t get anything crossed off the to-do list, I sat down to stitch for twenty minutes and just became


Redwitch said...
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Lelia said...

So true, how 20 minutes with needlework projects turns into an hour plus .... and the household chores remain!!