Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Bored Person is a Boring Person

I'm so bored right now. And I noticed you people aren't updating your blogs, so no help to me in alleviating the boredom...and then I noticed I hadn't updated mine. I've only stitched a little bit of late, and Google hasn't sent me any interesting stories about stitching. I got nothing.

I've done a tiny amount of stitching on Tree of Life. When I picked it up on Sunday, I thought I was so clever to notice that the stitching was off. So I ripped out a whole column of stitching. Then when I restarted, and I was stitching it correctly, I noticed that I was stitching right in the old holes. So, apparently, I'm an idiot. It's a little upsetting to have such a setback on this piece. I'm sure I'll get over it.

I have been thinking about sewing and my goal to learn to do it better. I ordered the two back issues of Sew Simple, and I investigated this company to see if I could find someone to teach me to sew. They do not have representatives in my area but I can order the video. Trust me, if I am looking for a person to help, it's because I need a person to help. It's kind of like the tax software commercials where the guy is asking the box what to do about an audit. Who am I supposed to ask when they say things I don't understand, which will be inevitable? I have also investigated Joanns and the sewing machine repair company in my town. Why do people think if I want to learn to sew it's because I do not work? Why are all the lessons scheduled for midweek mornings? Why are all the Saturday lessons for kids? Why do people hate working women? Why do they hate freedom?

Ultimately, I would love to have a woman who would come to my house each week and we could work on finishing projects I've started. Learning things that way would be ideal. If I hadn't been such a stubborn teenager, I would have learned these things then. But my mother was the seamstress, and we spent a lot of time butting heads. A lot of time. Time that would have been put to better use if she had sent me off to learn to sew. But not with a lot of other people. I did that in home ec and that did not go so well. I wish I had some pictures of my awful home ec projects. Perhaps it's better that they have gone unrecorded...


Leah said...

Aaaah, home ec. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was the only one in my class to fail sewing. The star pupil made an elegant, floor length evening gown with all the trimmings (why the hell does a 14 year-old need an evening gown?!). I, on the other hand, made a fugly pair of unhemmed, non-zippered, elastic-waisted cotton "pants". They were red and very, very wrong.

I feel your pain, Anna.

Coral said...

I know what you mean about the lessons. I have money to spend on lessons becasue I work. And when do you schedule lessons? Yup, when I work! Damn irritating, especially as I pay you good money to teach me.

And bored, I am so bored I could yawn and eat up my monitor. My blog shows this too. Good thing I read your blog, and get at least one laugh a day. Thanks Anna.xx

Lelia said...


Sorry to be so boring. I'm struggling with a cold & it is wearing me down.

Like, I just need another nap. never mind the past 14 hours i just spent in bed snoozing.

What a housewife!!!! LOL

Lee said...

Hey...are you working on the same Tree of Life as I am?

Forgive me if you've mentioned this before and I wasn't paying close enough attention!

Glenna said...

Boring is as boring does.... We need to embroider that on something! LOL--I got a kick out of your post. If you can journey about 2 hours, G Street in Rockville, MD has an embarrassment of riches for classes on the weekend because in an area where 80+% of women hold down jobs, they wouldn't have any business if they ignored us... Here's their link... www.gstreetfabrics.com. It's fun to see what they offer, and some classes, including an intensive beginning sewing class, is a one-day-only affair. Kind of a long way to go for a class, though.

Michelle said...

I know what you mean - I would love to have someone come and show me how to finish stuff, sew stuff, etc. It's like I know what I want to do, I just can't figure out how to make it work right!

Lee said...

Ohhhh...I forgot about THAT Tree of Life. I'm such a dummy - I even left you a comment about it on the original post.

And I'm pretty sure about the date on the photo. Bernie and I drifted apart quickly in high school, and I graduated in 1976. I'd put it at 1972 at the latest.

Trish said...

Thanks to you I have the first two issues as well as the current one. I want to learn to sew too. I want to stitch things for my home and also pajamas.

I'm looking for sewing classes in the area, I've heard that the Singer "authorized" repair place offers classes.

I can't do this with a video, I'd be better off reading instructions and trying to make sense of it.

Thanks for enabling me towards another hobby!!!