Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Here's the question: as I've implied, I blog under an assumed identity. My real identity has a google account, but I do not want to blog under that identity. Every now and then if I've read my gmail, then go to comment on people's blogs I see my real identity listed when I want to comment under the blog id because that's how you know me. I've read all the "news" about the blogger-no-longer-beta. I get no info on this question.

I'm also still wondering if people with longer blogs are finding that their whole extensive history doesn't migrate. Because, and my archiving friends will be happy to hear it, I have a paper version of my blog but really, what's the point of that? I'm not inviting you over to read it.

And can I not upload photos because I refuse to switch or what? Is this blackmail?

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Anonymous said...

I noticed that my google account was showing me as Karen instead of Karenv (which I prefer, to avoid potential confusion with other Karens), so I went and created a Blogger Beta account (it won't let me migrate my regular blog yet) and it allowed me to set Karenv as my display name, so you *should* be OK.