Monday, December 18, 2006

Flip Flop Flop

In late September, Sissy handed me a pair of flip flops she had just bought (which will be pictured when blogger cooperates). She said, "These are adorable. They'd be easy for you to copy, and it's a present you could get done on time because it wouldn't take that long." And I walked off with one bejeweled olive flip flop.

In October, I bought 3 pairs of flip flops at knock-down prices (for Sissy, mother, and aunt). And then I started looking for the buckles, for that is what the sparkly-bit is. Buckles 1/2" in diameter. Right. I went online and found some things, but when it comes to rhinestones, you have to be picky. Some faux stones look tacky; some don't look so bad. We were aiming for the latter. I was going to have to get them in person. And then I had foot surgery.

So this week, I went to Michael's, Joann's, and AC Moore in search of buckles. I found a flower-shaped silver-tone buckle 3" in diameter. I was desperate, so I bought it. I also bought a pair of pins about 1/2" in diameter. As I tried to manouever the ribbon and buckle and shoe, I realized the 3" buckle was a waste: I had to attach it at the junction of the flip flop straps, and doing so meant that the buckle hung out over the toes. I thought I could take the bus to fabric row during my lunch hour to see what could be found. If I squeezed the trip in on Monday, I could still get them done and wrapped before I had to bring the presents to my sister and cousin. (They're driving to NH and can take wrapped gifts. I fly: no wrapped gifts.) The pin didn't work either. I couldn't get the pin to stay closed while I was working with it; I considered superglue to keep it closed, but it all just seemed too overwhelming at this late date.

All this was happening around the same time I was whipping up the ribbon candy ornaments for Sissy. I thought, hey, I've got a present for Sissy. I have one for my mom too (Call of the Ocean). All I have left is Auntie Em.

Now, in addition to cleaning our house which has degenerated in the month since I had my surgery, I have to finish making and send the Christmas cards, finish Call of the Ocean, get myself waxed and plucked, write a letter of recommendation, make my generic "winter" wreath, work, and sleep. Normally, I'd say to hell with the house, and work on a present for Auntie Em, but we have guests who are coming the evening before we come back from NH. Nothing's ever easy. So I have before we leave Friday night.

I have come up with two ideas for Auntie Em: a tiny Altoid tin scrapbook or finish an already-stitched piece from the finishing pile. Here are the pros and cons:
scrapbook pros: 12 small 2x3 pages, have all the supplies, this will be a snap
scrapbook cons: will have to collect photos, will have to paint Altoid tin (do have spray paint), really tiny present, considering I've made two 12x12 Christmas scrapbooks for her and a scrap calendar of her first grandchild
cross stitch pros: if I'm finishing the ocean present for my mom as a flat fold (I have a frame and have cut the foam core), it's not that much more work; it's a really pretty piece; I haven't given her a cross-stitch present in a while
cross stitch cons: I have the fear it is going to take me too long to finish two flat folds, I need to find matt board

What to do? What to do? But more importantly, when to do it?


Glenna said...

What to do? What to do? Books, at Borders! Nice, hard cover books, purchased with Borders coupons. Can you tell I don't ever make gifts? (Except for the jars of berry jam I made last summer.) I want to see the little Altoid scrapbook!

Melissa said...

Anna-thanks for the tip about the Altoids tin scrapbook. If there's any ink in my printer I might be able to whip one of these up for my mom in the next day or so. What a great idea!

meye2cuties said...

Where abouts in NH will you be? If you are lose enough maybe we can meet up. I love meeting new online friends in person.

What exactly is an Altoids tin scrapbook???