Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

These past few years I’ve made some resolutions to move out some pieces. Since I started doing this, I’ve been paying more attention to how I work, and, as a result, I’ve noticed that I am not good about focusing. I’m even worse when I don’t get to do a new project every now and then. So this year, I am going to make smaller goals. Instead of trying to finish a UFO every month as I set out to do last year, I am going to try to finish one every other month. I am also going to give myself six new starts, which I can start all at once or over time. I’m also planning out my obligation pieces, of which I will allow six. Most of these projects are medium to large, so I will also allow myself some travel projects, but I won’t put them in the rotation here. Finally, I will work diligently on the marquoir.

6 UFOs
  1. Anna’s Bird
  2. Elizabethan Rose
  3. Frickin’ Chicken aka Majestic Rooster
  4. Alpine Garden
  5. Tree of Life Window
  6. Watercolor Geraniums

6 new starts

  1. Curtis Boehringer, apple sampler
  2. Cross Eyed Cricket, Promise of Summers to Come
  3. Liz Turner Diehl, 18th Century Knot Garden
  4. Liberty Street Designs, Tall Flowers Sampler
  5. Bent Creek, Christmas Carols
  6. Bent Creek, Snowman Stocking

6 obligation pieces

  1. Dolly Mama Kitty
  2. Dolly Mama Poodle
  3. baby White announcement
  4. baby Palmer announcement
  5. SB Jillian’s stocking
  6. SB Elisabeth’s stocking

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xsquared said...

Looks like a great plan! I also get cranky if I don't get to start something new every once in a while.