Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Top Five Places to Visit

In an effort to keep myself going during this blogathon, I've created a few "top" lists. I think I've been to about 25 stitching stores all over the United States. Some of them are gone now or just not list-worthy. Today I found out that one of the places I visited recently is going out of business. Colonial Needleworks, I hardly knew ye!

Here are five places that I can recommend.

5. Yankee Cross-stitch, North Hampton, New Hampshire I love this little place. They have quite a collection of samplers, especially colonial types, just the kind of thing you would associate with New Hampshire. The mall that it's in has a couple of cute gift shops, and there's another mall just down the road with a scrapbook store. Hampton is a beach community so there are places you can go to have delicious seafood. Or you could stop by Strawbery Banke to see how the girls who stitched those samplers lived.
4. Needlepoints, Ltd., Garden Grove, California This place is huge and has tons of great stuff, and every thread you could possibly imagine, let alone need. (Really, go to the website and click fibers. Go see. I'll wait.) It would rank higher, but the staff is surly at best. There's not much around Garden Grove, though there is an In 'n' Out. You gotta go somewhere else to do or see anything.
3. Stitching Post, Baltimore, Maryland Baltimore has a lot going for it. I'm a huge fan of jumping in the car and driving down to the National Aquarium. It's a great little city. The Stitching Post is spacious, it's full of great stuff but seems so uncluttered...it's a stitching store paradox. You should see it for yourself!
2. Elegant Stitch, Modesto, California I'm not advocating Modesto as a vacation destination; face it, it's pretty much an armpit, but Elegant Stitch is amazing! The people are so nice and knowledgeable. Lois is a pip, and I like her because she doesn't think Mimi's constitutes fine dining. There is an In 'n' Out in Modesto. (See why I'm obsessed with In 'n' Out below.)
1. Silver Needle, Tulsa, Oklahoma Wowza! this store could knock you out. It's huge! They've got great walls filled with samples, all the accoutrements, tons of patterns--just everything! They do some interesting things when they put someone else's pattern on 10-count Betsey Ross linen and unleash their creativity with the fibers. But I don't have to tell you--you've see it on the internets. I spend most of my time in Oklahoma at these rustic camps, but I can recommend a visit to the Gilcrease or the Philbrick. I also once ate a burger where Garth Brooks gets his. In 'n' Out is still better.

If I didn't recommend your favorite store, please comment about it! I love knowing where I should visit when I travel around the country. (I have a trip to Houston in the spring.)


jo said...

Oh My. Anna we've got to meet someday at the Stitching Post. I love that place. My kind of store!

Glenna said...

Two more: in the Wash DC area, Alexandria, VA (20 miles s. of DC) In Stitches--scads of everything including a bit for knitters and needlepointers as well as in-house framing. Lots and lots of samplers (including European), great stitched models on the walls. In Fredericksburg, VA (50 mi. south of DC and full of civil war/historical sites)--Everything Cross Stitch. Small shop with a huge volume of stuff and a friendly staff. Only things lacking are the European samplers and more elaborate "Scarlet Letter" type stuff that I'm beginning to want to stitch.

crosseyedkat said...

If you're coming out to Houston, then try to make it out to 3 Stitches in Spring, TX (NW Houston). Not the biggest store in square footage, but a very complete store. Lots of patterns, lots of fabric, and all the supplies needed to stitch anything in the store!

Carol said...

I don't know them all, but can certainly vouch for Yankee Cross Stitch (sneaking off to visit there today, actually!) and Silver Needle (Lindy is the greatest!!)

Cheryl in DC said...

Hi Anna,

Shakespeare's Peddlar has a nice list of stores across the U.S. http://www.shakespearespeddler.com/shops.html

Besides the Stitching Post, I also like the Spinning Wheel in Fenwick Island, DE, especially if you're already at the beach. :-)

Best, Cheryl

Lee said...

I didn't know that The Stitching Post was still open. It's certainly worth a road trip, being only 3 1/2 hours away!

One of these days....

Anita said...

The only good size shop in the Houston area left is 3 Stitches
in Spring, Texas. However,
let me warn you ahead of time, no
one like the owner of the shop,
she is not a friendly person.But
she has quite a few models and carrys a good selection.

juls said...

My favorite and local LNS is Stitcher's Paradise in Las Vegas NV. They have just about eveything and what they don't have they will order. The owner is very friendly and a great resource. I am in the store about every other week or so....sometimes just to say hello but I usually come away with something I had to have!!!!