Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Top Five Accessories

  1. Tacky bob. No better way to work with beads. Hands down the best gadget I own.
  2. Do-lolly. Really, do I need to explain? Is there anyone who hasn't found the magic of getting those ends secured with this fabulouso (and cute) tool?
  3. Booboo stick. I'd resisted spending money on this one. I thought I could manage without this. A friend bought me one. Woo-hoo. No more ripping out stitches for hours. Cut, brush, start again. What a time-saver. And if you never make another mistake, you can always use it to clean bottles.
  4. Needle park magnets. If I don't have magnets on my projects, I end up putting my needle in my clothes. Either just above my right breast or in my right pant leg. This has led to having cashiers and other strangers make casual remarks and waking up with scratches because I slept with a needle on my pant leg. D'oh.
  5. Q-snaps. I hate hoops. They leave horrible impressions that aren't so easy to get out of fabric. The fabric does not need to be tight as a drum for your stitches to lay properly. Usually I stitch in hand, but if the fabric is too large, I have to use q-snaps. They were invented for quilting, so if you're a quilter and a stitcher, you have twice as many reason to buy them.

What about you? What's your favorite stitching accessory?

And thanks for all your comments lately. I feel so popular!


jo said...

Have you ever tried Vellux blanket material for your beads? I can send you a piece. Tacky Bob is good if I'm not sitting at the table, but I much prefer the blanket at the table. Especially when coupled with a little metal triangular thing for scooping up the beads and putting them back in their containers.

Mia said...

Anna, I am going to have to look into getting a booboo stick. I have been resisting for quite some time. I have the other things but not the stick. Especially since frogs have been visiting a lot lately. :)

Monsoon said...

Can you believe, I only own the qsnaps, none of the other tools. My fav accessory that I do own is Thread Heaven, I won't stitch krenick with out it.

Michelle said...

Had my Tacky Bob and Q-snaps out last night, in fact. The other three, I am sadly lacking. I think a dololly may be next on my list though.

Sarah (AKA monroegirl) said...

I love my dololly, needle park magnet and q-snaps - I am just going off to find out what a tacky bob is.... Love your blog have been reading to about 18 months!!

Anonymous said...

I'd exchange the do-lolly for my stitch fixer. Other than that, your five are right on. :-)

xsquared said...

The Booboo Stick and Do-lolly are on my wish list!