Monday, October 30, 2006


This weekend, I finished four ornaments and got the accoutrements to do the other three. I hope to finish them in the next few days.

Here are the santas for the boys. I looked at all the big box craft stores for perforated paper, but came up empty so I used sticky felt. So they're not personalized. I'm a bad auntie.

I used the same evenweave that I stitched on to back the sheep ornie for my sil. I just popped a ribbon in there for a hanger, and it came up slightly off center even though I pinned it--and you wonder why I hate to finish. (You should see the job I did hanging the drapes in the living room. I. Did! Measure.) I hope she's not disappointed because this one will have the lamest finishing.

I hope to finish two more tonight and one on Tuesday while I hand out candy. Don't you hate the first Halloween in a place? I have no idea how much candy to buy. At least we live within walking distance of a grocery store in case supplies dry up.


Gaëlle said...

Hello Anna, I have just found your blog few weeks ago, and it's really great ! I enjoy reading your archives !
I know how you feel about finishing, I suck with finishings and I'm always afraid to ruin my stitching work ... Not happened yet but ... I also have a christmas ornament with a ribbon off center !
Gaëlle (France)

cathymk said...

They all look adorable!
I'm hopeless at getting the ribbon hangers right too. Then this weekend I did the finishing on Grape threadkeeper with Judy O'Dell and for the fob we just sewed the ribbon on after we had slipstitched the entire thing together and tied a knot in the end. Initially I thought it would look like crap - but now I really love it! Really I think the fob is the best part of the whole thing. (sorry to go on.. some days you just can't shut me up).

Melissa said...

Love the ornaments. I always worry about my lame finishing, but you know what? People that appreciate handmade gifts/ornaments appreciate the work that goes into the finishing. Also for the record, your finishing isn't lame at all. I think you did a beautiful job.

Carol said...

I adore your little sheepie ornie :-)