Friday, October 27, 2006

Card Dealer

Sissy and I went to our rubber pusher's house last night. As you can see, we made Christmas cards. What you can't see is the glitter on the mailbox card. I'm not sure you can tell, either that we actually got to punch out the baby Jesus. I mean how many times can you say that?! Or, when the only open seat was at the embossing station, Sissy got told to "go do Jesus." We have really dirty minds so we got a lot of mileage out of that. Oh, we're going straight to hell.


Red said...

That is SO funny...and this is coming from a reformed catholic school girl(I was of the minions who were shaken, whacked with rulers and yelled at mercilessly by French nuns when I was in first grade) it's justifiably funny to me. Thanks!

Lelia said...

lol ... not sure you can go to hell while creating Christmas cards!!

Dang girl, you are totally funny.

smartypantz said...

beautiful cards!