Monday, September 11, 2006

Three Hundred and Counting

The scary thing about spending 30 minutes a day organizing the craft room is that I am getting an accurate count of the patterns that I have. I have created a database, so that I can keep track. I know which patterns feature sheep, and I can still pull everything by designer. I should so be a librarian. (One in the family, well, I'd say is enough, but I know too many librarians read this.)

Anyway, this weekend, the pattern count went over 300. If I never bought another pattern, I could stitch for twelve years. And I have Heart's Content kits and Sandy Cozzolino Santa kits still to add.

I think I'm going to have to part with some. Otherwise, I'll never be able to justify buying another pattern. OTOH, I don't want to part with some of the ones that I stitched that I kept notes on. The Wee Chicken by Heart in Hand on which I wrote the start date and finish date and "for mom." First, no one wants the Trilogy patterns I've stitched and, bored, traced the star, bird, and heart that grace all their patterns. And second, I might need it. Oh, let's face it. I am never going to stitch Homespun Elegance's Folk Art I. But I've seen how little I buy stuff for on ebay. And I don't want to sell it for that little. My ebay threshhold is $4. I don't ship anything out for less than that.

Maybe I should just open a shop.


Leah said...

I recently organized my craft room and was too scared to actually tally the number of booklets, books, and magazines I've acquired over the years. Bravo to you for being so brave! ;)

Patti said...

LOL I know how that feels! I asked for the cross stitching organizer software a few birthdays ago and was HORRIFIED with how much I had then. I stopped keeping track and I sleep much better! :-)

Glenna said...

I don't know how many I have but suspect I don't have as many as you do! At least it isn't classic cars or fine art.
I like the idea of being done with an area, and funny that you're in PA--the area I'd target would be Lancaster/York. The BF likes living here though--he's a Virginian--so I figure if I find a career that doesn't necessarily have to be practiced in a big city, I can work closer to home, wherever it is.