Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Dog Ate My Homework

If I were on the ball, I could share pictures of the other pumpkin I stitched. Yes, I had to keep stitching pumpkins. I have so many patterns, but none on the walls. It had to be done!

But I haven't managed a picture of it yet. I've been making dinner in the mornings when I usually take my photos and upload them. It's a big hassle: take photo, transfer to computer, download the pictures to my jump drive, so that I can upload them at work. Phew! What a process.

Tonight, boys and girls, the dude and the bitch, they finally get the internet access from home. (The guy we've been stealing it from must have moved, and we went months without.) This is the first time we'll ever pay for access (we used to have free dial-up because we worked at a university). And you wonder why we don't have an iPod.

Mombitch is coming for a visit on Thursday, so we have a ton to do before then. I hope I can squeeze Dancing with the Stars in between chores. And of course, a little stitching...


Melissa said...

Which pumpkin did you stitch? I like the HIHN one. I have those Monthly Manias around here somewhere. Who are you cheering for on Dancing with the Stars? I saw where Sarah Evans is on there, is that the country singer?

Lee said...

Here's a pumpkin freebie for you!