Sunday, June 25, 2006

Why am I Allowed to Go Online?

I think I shouldn't be allowed to buy any of the new Theresa Layman designs until I start the ones I already have until the Dude leaves for his conference tonight. I woke up early so that I could work on the anniversary present, and while I could get my hands on the computer, I poked about looking at new designs. Bad idea. I've already got stuff I won on ebay winging its way to me. I'm just hoping it all arrives while the dude is out of town. It's not that he'd be mad; it's that I would have to admit I have a problem...

I have reordered the Netflix list, so I should have lots of quality stitching time over the next few days.


Lelia said...

My family notices the "bags" I bring in after a good stash haul -- I'm delighted the LNS now has brown paper bags w/o logo & tattle tale sign of a new purchase : )

I try to get things hidden right away ... of course, this leads to the problem of FINDING it when I want it.

What the H*** ... I'm just a stitcher. I could have worse problems : )

Isabelle said...

Ooooh... This is so pretty!
I guess I'm lucky... Seb is happy to see me get some stash... He knows it makes me happy. He actually encourages me to buy the stuff I drool over!

Cheryl in DC said...

Ooooo, cute stuff. I did a search for more of her things. Actually makes me think that learning punch needle could be fun.

Have fun stitching while the Dude's away.