Tuesday, May 09, 2006

You’ve Got Questions. I’ve Got Answers.

Coral wanted to know about the Better Homes and Gardens Santa Star (designed by Barbara Sestock). It's in Cross-Stitch Christmas: Handmade Heirlooms (copyright 2002). The book has about 40 patterns, including patterns for card inserts, wall hangings, pillows, stockings, and ornaments. I recognize several designs as duplicates from their other books and magazines. Some pretty good designers are included in addition to their "stock" designers. Patricia Anderle contributes one of her trademark hardanger overlay pieces and a 3D mug cozy that looks like a cottage; it's pretty cute, but I don't know anyone who needs a mug cozy. Mike Vickery offers a nice wall hanging of a nutcracker soldier. Linda Stoltz presents three mini pins in the gift section, two are floral and one is an ark with a rainbow. Lizzie*Kate is represented by a house pillow that is also shown as an ornament. I think I've seen this before, though, and I'm thinking it was in a calendar. Finally Cecilia Turner (Heart in Hand) contributes "A Right Jolly Old Elf" which is a Santa who is wearing a patchwork jacket. I'm positive that this one was in a magazine as well. These books are widely available on the internet. Lots of people get them because they are on automatic delivery, then don't send them back in time for a refund. That's how some of these places make money: we're too lazy! So, anyway, as the lazies make a bid to get some of their money back, you can get these "used" just about everywhere.

Kymm wanted to know where I found the Ewe & Eye & Friends pattern. I bought mine at Elegant Stitch, but they don’t seem to have it on their website anymore. I was able to find it at Homespun Samplar. I've never ordered from them, but they have a great sale page. And lots and lots of Ewe & Eye.

Finally, as a treat for reading, here's my progress on MLI's Enchanted Alphabet. I'm using the Needle Necessities conversion. I wrote in tedious detail about that here.


Melissa said...

Your Enchanted Alphabet is beautiful. Love the NN threads. I wish more designers used them.

Barbara said...

Your Enchanted Alphabet is ... enchanting. I've had this in my stash pile, but after seeing yours in progress, I think I'll pull it up to the top.

Lee said...

It looks wonderful! You'll be finished in no time.