Thursday, January 13, 2005

Enchanted Alphabet Color Changes

You may notice the letters I have stitched thusfar are not as charted. Back in the day before AOL existed as part of the internet (it was an intranet, or something like it, iirc), I used to read rctn. And from that font of great wisdom, I found a message from someone who had seen these Enchanted Alphabet stitched with these color substitutions and raved about the fabulousity of it. I printed it out (I'm really an analog girl) and stored it away. When I went to start the project--part of the great rush of begginings I made when my cousin became pregnant in 1999--I couldn't find/didn't remember the substitutions and started the project as charted. I didn't get very far on the letters, so I didn't feel bad taking them out to restitch for this round robin. And thanks be to Bonnie for saying that this was the project she was going to do. It clicked. And yet another project begins to become finished (in this case the agency really doesn't belong to me!) I am done stitching letters for now (I want to get the girl finished before the send date, um, tomorrow).

Here are the Needle Necessities substitutions.
A 150 Victorian Christmas
B 195 Purple Coronation
C 136 Navaho Turquoise
D 110 Blue is Blue
E 178 Coventry Garden
F 133 British Green
G 189 Kismet
H 154 Coral Cay
I 178 Coventry Garden
J 195 Purple Coronation
K 136 Navaho Turquoise
L 150 Victorian Christmas
M 110 Blue is Blue
N 133 British Green
O 189 Kismet
P 139 Mountain Spruce
Q 150 Victorian Christmas
R 156 Elderberry Wine
S 195 Purple Coronation
T 136 Navaho Turquoise
U 110 Blue is Blue
V 154 Coral Cay
W 189 Kismet
X 178 Coventry Garden
Y 150 Victorian Christmas
Z 139 Mountain Spruce

And for Cross-reference, and your shopping list:
  • 110 Blue is Blue: D, M, U
  • 133 British Green: F, N
  • 136 Navaho Turquoise: C, K, T
  • 139 Mountain Spruce: P, Z
  • 150 Victorian Christmas: A, L, Q, Y
  • 154 Coral Cay: H, V
  • 156 Elderberry Wine: R
  • 178 Coventry Garden: E, I, X
  • 189 Kismet: G, O, W
  • 195 Purple Coronation: B, J, S

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