Friday, May 26, 2006

We're Popular. We're Really Popular.

Check it out! The Independent News, an alternative paper in Pensacola, FL that has an "audience that is more educated, affluent and active than the norm" puts cross stitch at #5 in their "Hot List."

5. 'SUBVERSIVE CROSS STITCH' Kate Hudson and her knitting needles are so last year. The next cool thing to come out of the uncool world of arts and crafts is cross stitching—only this time it's thanks to a book, not a celebrity endorser. But be warned: Julie Jackson's "Subversive Cross Stitch" ain't your grandmother's style.

In laptop bag news, I finished knitting the top and started to sew it on. When I started sewing on the second side, I realized the top was twisted. It is really hard to take back stitch out of knitting, especially since I can't tell the knitting from the sewing...

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