Monday, May 15, 2006

Weekend Stitching

On Saturday, we decided to head out to Lancaster to make fun of the Amish to show my MIL, who still doesn't believe the Amish don't use electricity, how the other half lives. I nearly finished the Santa ornament for my nephew before I fell asleep in the back. We went to the Quilt Museum, which is really just a small section of a shop, and saw some beautiful contemporary quilts that made me wish I could sew. (Yes, that's ironic.) I dragged my hands over some beautiful fabric and contemplated buying some felted wool. Then we went in search of a quilt that we could hang in our living room with our other textiles. But we're too poor. Even when we got off the beaten path, we just liked the really quilty ones. And those cost. My husband decided he needs a hobby, and he was thinking about turning bowls. I tried to convince him to learn quilting, but I think he finally settled on jam making. My mother was a bit disappointed, since she was willing to give him free lessons... Saturday ended with us stuffing ourselves full of hearty Amish food, like we were about to lead a team of horses into the field.

On Sunday, we took both the mothers (yes, mine arrived Saturday afternoon) and one father for dim sum. Sissy, the dude, and I also picked up the tab for everyone, including my cousin. This is what happens when you give birth. Everyone came back to our house so dad could get the grand tour. Then my mother rearranged the furniture in the living room. As they departed, my father told the dude that he was going to call in twelve minutes, and he wanted to hear the sound of the lawnmower in the background. Since it takes about 12 minutes to mow the lawn, he missed it. Then the dude, MIL, and I set about to finish the desk we bought at IKEA two weeks ago. (We stopped about halfway through when we realized we had just spent hours making extra holes in the piece because we were too dense to follow pictograms--yeah, there were 5 advanced degrees in the room.) We still haven't finished but I think that may be on the agenda for today. We had to stop in order to make it out to Exton for Mother's Day dinner my cousin was cooking for everyone. I thought that place used to be full when we lived there, but on Sunday there were 8 adults, two kids, and three dogs (my parents brought their chocolate lab, Coco, with them).

Today sucks. Everyone else got to go to the Classic Diner for breakfast. I had to put on my duck boots and slosh to work.

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Lee said...

Oh my gosh, you are too funny! Making fun of the Amish, eh? I love it!