Friday, May 12, 2006

New (To Me) Meme: Startitis

Ah, sweet relief. More questions to answer. Less thinking on my part.

Have a case of startitis? What projects are you dying to start? Which would you start today if you "allowed" yourself?
Well, the next project I have scheduled to start is the anniversary present, La D Da's My Sunshine. And, when I gave myself permission to start something new when I travelled to NH at the end of April (a treat for finishing the Souvenir Sampler) nothing I had kitted up appealed to me. Could I really just want to finish more pieces than I start? Ha! I have recently purchased the threads and fabric for Purple Passion in a Bag, so I guess I'm thinking about starting this. Subconsciously... or something.


cathymk said...

I've got this one too (My Sunshine). I would love to see it stitched up. I will get to it someday myself, really.
My Mum used to sing "My sunshine" around the house when she was happy.

Lelia said...

I won a Shep Bush kit a couple years ago ... I recall the kit has white linen & silk -- & maybe a heart charm ... + the design had hearts & it wan't ALL cross stitch ... WELL, it is in the back of the closet someplace & I remember wanting to take that prize home & start it RIGHT AWAY.

So, if I had Startitis - that would be the project ... LOL