Wednesday, April 12, 2006

SBQ: Bumps in the Road

For those of you [who] stitch while riding in the car or on the train, how do you cope with the bumps and the motion? Do you have any tips for others?

I find that when the train gets really rocky, it's best to pull my elbows in to my sides. I learned this tactic in photography classes. You use your body to steady your arms to make yourself a sort of human tripod. Same principle to make your stitching go a little easier. I also use the sewing method as opposed to the stabbing method for stitching. When you sew, you put the needle into two holes at one time, then pull through. That cuts down on the number of times you have to aim well. Of course, I still do some projects that I cannot use the sewing method, like the perforated paper Santas. Sometimes you just have to wait the bumps out. Every once in a while you have to laugh because your needle has come up in a shocking place, giving you a completely distorted "x." That's when it's good to know how to thread a needle without looking it in the eye.

I haven't found this to be much of a problem in the car.

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Lelia said...

Anna, you make me laugh all the time. And, I think it is a magnolia bush/tree. My DH & DD are the tree + garden experts.

Our weeping peach & apple are in bud ... no blooms yet. And, no tulips yet. Not sure why.

Our hyacinth & daffodils are popping out everyplace : ) Spring makes me happy -- watery eyed, but happy just the same. (allergies)