Thursday, April 13, 2006

Stamp Storage

I finally remembered to take a picture of the "Alex" set of drawers from IKEA. The top three drawers are about 3? inches high? (I'm bad at spatial relations.) The three bottom drawers are deeper. We figured we could put two Stampin' Up! sets on top of each other in those drawers, although I don't have so many stamps sets that I had to do that.

Here's a picture of one of the filled drawers. You can get a lot of stamps in them. I'm pretty sure that you could put 12x12 paper in there too, but I haven't done it.

In this picture, you can also see the hideous green rug that was in both bedrooms on the second floor. You can see why removing that from the master bedroom was our first project! Now that we have the heavy duty elliptical trainer in the craft room, I despair of ever removing the carpeting. It shall be done! Even if it takes a super-human effort on my part.

Maybe tomorrow I'll show you the "before" pictures of the craft room. Of course, I haven't done much work on it, so they are the before shots of some hypothetical future when my craft room is as it should be.


susie said...

Hey, Alex looks cool! I'm enjoying reading about your craft room.

For my stamps, I got a red Craftsman chest from Sears (the tool chest with the shallow drawers). Then I got the base chest with the deeper drawers for my stationery. It's great!

smartypantz said...

Your craft room is going to be fabulous. That Alex would be good for storing stitching fabric too, I think. Not that I have the space for it now, but in the future I'm hoping to inherit an antique set of drawers originally used for storing type block for a newspaper printing press. My grandmother uses it to store placemats and napkins, but it would be great for fabric and floss.

jo said...

Thanks for the "alex" picture. Not sure if it would hold all my stamps, but I'll be sure to make a trip to the store to check it out.