Monday, February 13, 2006

When can we see the new stuff?

Nashville Market is over so we should be getting a report from our friend Lois at Elegant Stitch. I fear the snow on the east coast buggered flights everywhere. So I googled to see who's got new stuff up. And I found these. One awesome and one that makes me go 'hmm.'

Spring Garden, Birds of A Feather / Charlie Chaplin, Twisted Threads

The BOAF is so different. I love the fabric color. (Colored fabric is so not me!) It's so funky! The CC on the other hand...Weird. Is that a rhyme we're supposed to know? Is it a Mary Mack riff? The figure does look like Chaplin, and there's something to be said for managing that with just black floss and negative space, but why would you stitch it?


StitchStash said...

I had the same thought about Charlie Chaplin. So, knowing that Google Is My Friend, I found out that it's an old jump rope rhyme. Go figure.

I love your blog. Thanks for de-lurking on mine!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

So glad to hear someone elses opinion of the CC design. I just didn't get it, like you why would you stitch it. I really like the new direction for BOAF both new florals had great colors.

Jennifer said...

I am also loving the new BOAF designs. The colors are fantastic, and make the best of both fabric and threads. I am stitching a BOAF stocking now, and am so glad I went with the recommended Sparrow (dark brown) fabric and eye-popping Weeks floss colors. So different from what I would normally be drawn to, and it is turning into my favorite project ever!