Tuesday, February 14, 2006

To Market, To Market

Or should that be from Market? Elegant Stitch has the Market Report up. It wasn't the weather that delayed the report. It was my excitement that made it seem delayed! But I could have looked at what was new on the Hoffman Distributing site. There are so many lovelies to add to the wish list! Inserting pictures would take up too much room, so you'll have to click away.

  1. Carriage House, Honeycomb and Flower Garden
  2. Ewe and Eye and Friends, Joyful Heart--they're back!
  3. Mosey n' Me, Horace--I adore all the animals but my nieces are going to love this one.
  4. Theresa Layman, Sweet Dreams
  5. Lilybet Designs, Spots II--perfect for my bedroom, and Lady Champagne, just something about it!
  6. Needle and Fred, Welcome Baby!
  7. Brightneedle, Something Blue
  8. FancyWork, Lavendar Rose Sewing Case--bellisima!
  9. Workbasket, Mermaids Singing--Momma's gonna love this for the beach house. Bright colors only, please.


KarenV said...

I love, love, LOVE the Fancy Work one! As soon as I'm spending again, that will be one of the first things I buy.

The fabric for Mermaids Singing hurts my eyes LOL! The colours are certainly bright and cheerful.

Melissa said...

BOAF's Summer and Spring Gardens will be in my stash ASAP! I think they'd make nice pillows. Mermaids Singing is a definite too.

I was hoping I wouldn't like so much stuff from Market, but darn, the designers have done pretty well this time. I also love CHS Tombstone Angels and Handworks--can't remember the name but it's the bouquet in the shoe design.