Thursday, February 16, 2006

(Meta) SBQ: What Do You Have to Say for Yourself?

Do you love comments or hate them? Do you check them every day, never check them, or find them helpful? And finally, are you convinced no one is reading your blog if you don’t get any? I'll never forget my first comment. When I started blogging back in nineteen-dickety two, we didn't have commenting features. I had to go out into the virtual world to find someone who'd let me use their software free. And then it turned out that they deleted those lovely, lovely comments ("You read me! You really read me!") after six months. So, you can see, I added blogger's comments. I've been trying to rescue the haloscan comments but it takes time, and I only have a reliable internet connection at work. I do all these things because your comments are so meaningful to me. Although I like to be the person bitching in the corner at the party, you get so much more feedback IRL. A laugh. An even bitchier comment. People who turn on their heels and walk away. Yeah, I like comments. I jones for comments.


jo said...

she got a comment jones
she got a comment jones
she got a comment jones

feel better?

Sarra said...

gratuitous comment.

enjoy :)