Wednesday, February 15, 2006

$30.6 billion--how much did you spend?

Crafting consumers spent a record $30.6 billion on their projects last year. I'm pretty sure I kept my spending to under $3 million.

I won't point and laugh, because they're gaining on us. (Ha! "Them" like I don't scrap occasionally too.) But a report of the craft industry indicates scrapbooking is not as big as some believe (see January 19)

Many credit scrapbooking with driving the booming numbers. And there's no doubt that it has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. But, surprisingly, it is not the No. 1 craft, said Anderson. In terms of participation, cross-stitch/embroidery and crocheting both still outrank it, with participation by 30 percent and 25 percent of crafting households respectively. Scrapbooking comes in third, with a 24 percent participation rate.

So there, Lee, I can tell you when cross-stitch was popular: right now. Okay, so they threw in embroidery it's all of a piece.


Lelia said...

This was an interesting article to read ... & I don't even want to total my receipts for ANY YEAR : )

My closet is stocked well, right now, & I am enjoying my stash.

Hard to believe scrapbooks are leading the crafting craze ... imo

Lee said...

YAY! Validation!
But seriously, I wonder what we spend individually? I know of a blogger who keeps her average purchases to $20 per week. I think I'm in that range, too, although she includes framing and finishing costs in that figure and I don't. So that comes to a little over $1000 each year. And I think I'm at the lower end of the spending range, if what I see on other blogs is any indication of average spending. You?

Anna van Schurman said...

I'm pretty sure I'm spending under $1000, probably closer to $600. I can't believe how much other bloggers get. Something new every few days! I do tend to spend in "binges" (like the one coming up at camp). Ooh, do I count going to camp and airfare in the above-mentioned figure? I don't want to...

Lee said...

Heck no, don't count camp! I keep it simple. Spending = fabric, fibre, chart, and embellishments. I like to look at it as a short term capital expenditure. I'll use it for short period of time (relatively).

I don't count long term capital expenses - things like framing, lighting, scissors, glasses, storage containers, furniture, etc.

The $$ spent on camps, travel, etc is just the cost of "operating". I don't count that either.

That's my hobby model, and it may be the Enron-esque, but I'm sticking to it.