Friday, January 06, 2006

Not Sure I Like It

When I went to get the threads for the Souvenir Sampler at Fireside Stitchery, I had to make substitutions. They don't carry the suggested Needlepoint Silks. So I got Caron silks instead. Because I only had the NS numbers and vague descriptions, "mauve, light brown," and because I was there after their official closing time, I just grabbed what seemed right. I think the colors all work with the fabric and each other, but I'm not feeling it. They seem too bright and too early 90s--remember when every pattern called for 221, 502, and 931? The colors in the photo--and we know we can't rely on pictures--are more subdued and more "heritage" feeling, if I may borrow the scrappy term. The colors I'm using don't seem like my mom's kind of thing. To be honest, neither do the colors that are called for.

I've only done the very top row. I could start again. If I did, I could:
* use the DMC colors that I have
* get different silks from a local store
* order the Needlepoint silks online

Obviously, these solutions have different timelines associated with them. I could go upstairs and get the DMC right now. I could get local silks this weekend.

How does one solve this sort of dilemma?


Mia said...

Anna, thanks for the info on SS. One of these weekends, I am going to have to trek on down there.

As for the Souvenir Sampler, my friend did it and I saw it as a WIP at CATS a year ago. Hers was definitely NOT bright in color. The colors were very soft and subdued. Of course, it is what your preference is but you are not sounding too happy about the colors so far. If you don't have much invested in the project, go with different threads. After all, you need to enjoy your stitching time and since this is a gift, your mom needs to enjoy looking at it. :)

Happy Weekend!!

Carol said...

Hi Anna,
Have you seen Victoria Clayton's conversion for Souvenir Sampler? You might like it - it is very muted and elegant :-)

Michele said...

"Heritage" is a perfect term to describe the colors in this piece. And they all complement each other well. I would go for it and order the silks online. My Mom got this for me for my birthday and I pointed her right to The Silver Needle's online store because they had the whole she-bang there. And they always include a cute freeebie when they send you your order. Good luck! ;-)