Monday, January 30, 2006

January Recap

finish four ornaments
I was sick with bronchitis the weekend we were scheduled to do this, and I just couldn't seem to fit it in any other time. :(
finish Sissy's laptop bag
I did work on this project a bit. It's not finished though.
begin Souvenir Sampler
Done. I've stitched about a third of this project.
stitch two ornaments for family Christmas presents
One down.
Mary Mack tin pin SAL
I was very diligent about this SAL. I stitched the main part, then got hung up on getting the tin pin.

We did unpack most of our boxes, paint the bathroom, buy seating for the living room, paint the window trim in the bedroom, build four pieces of furniture, and load the furniture up with stuff. I guess I have to realize that the house is taking precendence over the stitching now.
Say it ain't so!

February plan
Continue working on Souvenir Sampler.

I have pledged to help Melissa finish her Fairy Grandmother by only stitching on one thing during the Olympic games (February 10th-26th). During this time, Souvenir is the only thing I can work on.
Finish Sissy's laptop bag--before 2/10.
Stitch two more ornaments for family Christmas presents.

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Barbara said...

Great work keeping up with your goals!

A used wig... ick!! LOL