Monday, December 05, 2005

Snowy card

This card is my innocuous "holiday" card. It seems unfinished to me still. I was thinking of getting a versamark pen, writing "snow" across the top and adding the same embossing powder as the snowflake. OTOH, it's a pretty simple card as is. We'll see.

Directions: versamark snowflake stamp ($1 at AC Moore!) on light blue card. Chalk over the images with light blue. Stamp snowflake on pink cardstock with versamark ink. Emboss with snowflake tinsel (I think). It's a nubly white with silver glitter--I liked it better than the plain nubbly white called "snowflake" appropriately enough. Rub white ink on the edges of the pink cardstock. Mount to blue cardstock. Inside will read "Warm Winter Wishes."

Although I finished the prototype this weekend, I didn't make any progress on completing the elements.

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