Monday, December 05, 2005

Blue Joy

This is the same card done with the retro color combination of pink, blue, and silver. It got the addition of the sparkly silver embossed edges because my cousin told me "it needed something." Oh, it got something.

Stamp tree in baby blue on white cardstock. Under the tree stamp "JOY" in silver. Stamp garland on tree in silver. Attach small clear star "jewel" over stamped star. Edge the cardstock with silver ink. Layer with light blue stock (I didn't have a good color match, so I brayered the blue ink onto a slick white card stock. It never dried, so I did the hairspray trick.) Stamp dots in pink ink on light pink card stock. Edge the card with versamark ink. Emboss with sparkly silver. Mount the tree element to the pink card.

I finished the white cardstock elements last night. The cards are prepared and have the dots stamped on them. I still need to do the silver embossing on them, but I think I'm going to get a versamark pen to make that go quicker.

The metallic silver ink (Colorbox) got all over my hands when I picked up the elements that had been left to dry overnight. Besides sealing them with hairspray, my sealant du jour, are there options?

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