Friday, December 30, 2005

December Wrap-Up

* finish sissy's laptop bag
I've just got to finish the strap and felt it...close
* design, make, and send Christmas cards
Prototypes complete 12/5, but I was gluing them right up until we left for New Hampshire. The move, blame everything on the move!
* work on the dude's Christmas sweater
The dude and I decided to exchange paint for Christmas. He knows I always bite off more than I can chew, so his real gift to me was to agree that this is Just a Sweater I Am Knitting for Him. No deadlines. Where on earth did I find him?
* maybe stitch some ornies
Maybe. Right.

I completed the Pins and Needles needlebook, Enough is as a Feast, and a scarf for my littlest niece--fuzzy blue with silver eyelash to match her silver coat. She's a doll, I tell you!

Are you ready for it? Happy New Year!

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