Monday, November 14, 2005

Something New Every Day

This weekend, I started Sissy's laptop bag. I changed the colors from lime green, yellow, white, and blue to navy, maroon, cream, and brown. Nice and traditional, since she's not a kid anymore. I had to learn how to do the horizontal herringbone stitch. After two hours' work on Friday, I still had not really started the lap top bag. I did realize that I was going to have to learn to undo the horizontal herringbone stitch as well as do it.

On Sunday, I stamped. I finished auntie's stationery set. I made it with Little Pieces from Stampin' Up. I'd show you pictures, but the dude needed the memory stick today.

This morning on the train, I confidently knit 30 rows of horiztontal herringbone. And I only had to unstitch 2 rows. I should begin the main part of the bag tonight.

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Dianne said...

Found you on another blog (Mainly Stitching).
Waving from Avondale, PA!