Friday, November 11, 2005

SBQ:I Always Have to be a Contrarian

When comparing large projects versus small projects, which do you get more excited about finishing? I'm pleased generally when things are done, but I think I'm more excited about starting the next piece than about having finished the old one. Is that nuts? Sometimes, when I've set too many impossible deadlines because I want to be generous with my stitching, I feel like it's not a pleasure to be done at all. It's more like, "Next!" I have to take the next customer, start the next project, move to the next list item... Don't get me wrong, I get lots of pleasure out of starting new things. Sometimes I even feel a little adrift when I don't know what my next project is. That's how finishing makes me feel.

Speaking of starting, I started yet another project that is not on the list for November: La D Da's A-Z. I just love the colors of the piece in the photo. Please note, they are nothing like the colors that are called for in the pattern. Once I've finished stitching, I'll post my color changes, with a photo. I've really really really got to get started on the Dude's Christmas sweater and Sissy's laptop bag. I've got almost all the yarn for the latter, so I should just take the plunge. I am just enamored with stitching the La D Da pattern right now. The combination of chocolate brown and aqua blue is officially my favorite these days.

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mainely stitching said...

La-D-Da is addictive stitching! I'm very interested to see your color changes; I often (usually) go with my own colors and I love it when other people do too!