Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I finished A-Z and in Between by La D Da. After I saw a woman at Strawberry Sampler in Chadds Ford stitching this with the colors it called for--which, as I mentioned, are nothing like the picture--I decided to change some of the colors to look more like the photo on the pattern.

Here's what I used:

  • dark chocolate
  • avocado, instead of pine
  • tropical ocean, instead of dried thyme
  • red plum,* instead of old red paint
  • mulberry
  • nutmeg, but only because mine was pretty gold.

Even then, your mileage will vary--I had three skeins of tropical ocean and two skeins of avocado, all very different. In fact, when my cousin was helping me decide on the substitution for the pine, she couldn't believe two of the choices were called avocado and by the same company. The one I used is very light and has almost no variegation. Same for the tropical ocean, very, very light. Also, I'm calling the spiral red plum, but I got the floss I used out of a "loose threads" pack--the packs that contain short skeins, mistakes, and experiments. So what color is it? Who is to say? Eh, voila.

Can I just point out that it's not "wah-la." It's voila, pronounced "vwa-la." Yes, "v" before "w," it's not that hard. Please try to spell like you're not a hillbilly who's never left the backwoods of America.


Kali said...

Love the colors you've used on this one!

Jenna said...

You crack me up! I love your comments on the pronunciation of voila. I sometimes think that as Americans, we don't pay enough respect to other cultures and languages. I like your La-D-Da sampler; the color changes turned out great!

Oh, and if Strawberry Sampler is your LNS, then we live near each other. :)

Anna van Schurman said...

Well, I currently live in Exton, so SS is my LNS. But I'm moving soon (all the way to Havertown), and I don't know where I'll shop! Where are you?

Mia said...

Anna, I love your finish and the colors you chose. Even in Havertown, your not so LNS will be Strawberry Sampler. LOL But there is a place on Eagle Road in Havertown called Needle Niche but it is a needlepoint store. The last time I was there years ago, they had some fibers but nothing for cross stitch. They may have changed since then but if I need a LNS fix I go to SS.

Jenna said...

I'm in Lincoln University, near Oxford. SS is about 30 minutes east from me.

Michele said...

I love it when people mis-spell it: VIOLA! Almost as good as STITCHER'S UNTIE!

Lee said...

A-Z looks wonderful! One thing about the big variations in dye lots for these WDW and has made me brave enough to substitute colors in projects - something I never would have done before. But since the color wasn't going to be exact anyway, I wasn't so afraid to change a color altogether.

And BTW, another word of French derivation that's mangled locally is "suite". All of my local friends and Dave's relatives buy bedroom and dining room "suits". Drives me nuts!

Anna van Schurman said...

Those must be very hard to wear! :)