Friday, September 30, 2005

September Round up

Here's what I planned to do this month:
* stitch last piece in Heart in Hand Wee Ones RR
Done! I mailed it out on September 10th.
* complete Le Petit Berger and bring to framer
Completed stitching on September25; we're going to the framer tomorrow.
* ten hours on Sissy's poncho
* complete Moon Garden
Done, September 14!
* complete two Sandra Cozzolino Santa ornaments
I completed one on September 19th. And the other on September21st.

Here's what I plan to do in October:
* make bracelets (braglets) for sils
finish Sissy's poncho
* begin the Dude's Christmas sweater
* knit cousin fluffy hat and scarf
* ten hours on Toy Gatherer
* two ornaments from the new JCS

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Melissa said...

WTG on meeting your goals for the month! I wish I could say the same for myself. LOL

Tag! (See my blog.)