Friday, June 17, 2005

stamping like a madwoman

In the past few days, since I went and got my stamps out of storage, I have made 9 birthday cards (feminine), 9 birthday cards (masculine), 2 androgynous bday cards, 3 July 4th cards (so I can send a note to my grammas), 5 Halloween cards, 3 Thanksgiving cards, 3 baby cards, and one anniversary card. I'm taking advantage of my copious free time. Unfortunately, no pictures because I cannot find the camera. I'm going to have to put some stuff back in storage because our shit is multiplying too fast for our space.

What I've been thinking about recently though is the little album I put together from the March for Women's Lives in DC last year. I took a bunch of pictures of the young women I was marching with, some of the signs, some of the counterdemonstrators, and just the general we're-in-Washington-showing-them-what-democracy-looks-like shots. There's a lot of pink. And hot pink and navy blue is one of my favorite color combinations. So navy is the background color and hot pink is the accent color. While I was making it, I kept thinking, "this needs something." I've decided what it needs is stamped images of women, preferably in pink (hot pink) on navy. So, short of going out and investing in all that rubber, where am I going to find these images? There are no real specialty stamping or scrapping stores in this area--just Michaels, Joanns, and AC Moore all close enough together that I could hit them all in a half hour.

I thought I'd ask you, dear reader. Care to trade? If you've got stamps like this, or this, or this, or this, or this or this, or this (I have her)--that is, modern to contemporary looking women, face only or whole or partial body--would you stamp it (hot pink ink) on white or navy acid free cardstock. I'd be happy to send an image you might be looking for or whatnot, as they say in the Yankee Swop.

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