Tuesday, June 21, 2005

New Starts

Yesterday I went to the storage unit to find a JCS Ornament issue. Crazily enough, I actually found it. There are about 20 boxes that had come from the "office." And I only had to go through about 10. I also needed some fabric because it is getting to be time to stitch something for my anniversary. The dude and I have been married almost 4 years. We've been together for 13 years, so I'm still not impressed by the length of our marriage...will I ever be?

Last night, while I was watching Spike reruns of CSI--one I had never seen before for a change--I started four new pieces. Now don't get all upset! Two were round robins: "C is for Cow" by Prairie Schooler and a Sampler House ornament for the JCS rr. Kate said we could choose from a bunch of different designers, including Bent Creek and Twisted Threads. Of course, the magazine I grabbed had an ugly Twisted Threads and a Bent Creek I had done before. The Sampler House ornament was one I hadn't even marked for stitching, but it's not nearly as repulsive as stitching a dragon or Cherished Teddy. In fact, I wondered why I hadn't marked it. I also started "Vous et Nul Autre" from Ewe and Eye and Friends for the dude. It's cool. He knows Latin, even though he's never been to Latin America. It's 40x40, so it should go pretty quickly. And next week I may go to Maine and be able to stop in NH long enough to get it framed. I should bring last year's too. Of course, I'll have to pick some money from the trees since I am still not working for pay. I send out all these resumes--and meet as many people as will talk to me about "information"--and I get the standard e-mail response, "we have received your resume, if we think you're likely to take this shit job, you'll hear from us again, otherwise this will be our only communication." I remember back in the day when companies actually wrote to tell you that they had interviewed a group of people, that did not include you, and they gave the job to someone who was far more qualified. We called them "ding" letters and used to hang them up around our doors in college. Ahhh, the good old days.

Oh, the fourth new start? Janynn's free poodle chart "Dolly Mamas by Joey"--the puppy lover in the house loves this puppy. How can I disappoint her? Thanks to KiwiJo for bringing it to my attention!

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