Thursday, June 30, 2005

Big Finish

Today I mailed off the Prairie Schooler rr--finished it yesterday. I also finished Vous et Nul Autre, but the camera hook up is still in Penna, and I'm not.

I think I forgot to mention that I was going away. Well, I'm away, and I just found out my parents have wireless internet in this joint. Hell, I remember when we rented beach houses that had an outdoor shower. This is luxury. (When I was young, I spent the summer at the beach with my sister and cousins. Here I am again at the beach with a cousin and we're walking down memory lane. When her kids complain the sand is hot, we tell them we walked across hotter sand without the benefit of "beach shoes". When they complain the walk is long, we explain that our walk to the beach meant clamboring over rocks, and high tide meant spreading our towels on the rocks. And our coolers were steel! It's "walking uphill both ways in a blizzard" for the summer set.)

I almost bought a frame for Vous et... but you couldn't see my signature which ended with "IV" not because my husband provides me with intravenous fluids, but because we're marking our fourth anniversary soon.

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