Thursday, March 24, 2005

We've gone wireless

Well, guys and gals, it’s the day you’ve been waiting for. The day I took my new computer to the local hotspot and actually wrote something. I still have to do some downloads—I was just so excited to be online without a phone cord that I wasted the battery with frivolous surfing. But tomorrow, I’ll have pictures again. Imagine: pictures. And regular posts. Because, you know, I have to do something besides apply for jobs. Or I will lose all faith in myself. I’ve been working on my rrs—the freebie and the Prairie Schooler. I’ve got to get to my mother’s flip flop because her birthday is coming and I’ve got to have it done. I did finally pick up all the flosses that it required; and it required some doozies: linen thread, DMC #8, Wildflowers and WDW. Fortunately, there is a needlepoint store nearby, so I have access to every thread imaginable and some I haven’t even heard of before. And I was reminded again why I don’t needlepoint. There were some cool bands for Dr. Scholl’s that you could stitch. That cost 59$. Right.

A new addition has been added to my extended family, and again, I implore people Think Before You Name. Please be sure your kid doesn’t have the same name as a car. (Think Subaru.)

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