Tuesday, January 04, 2005

No More QOTW: Used Patterns

Jenny has resigned as the question maker for the Stitching Bloggers. I have to admit, I was one of the snarks, but I did send a bunch of questions so I feel that that balances out. Plus, graduate school hardened me to the snarkiness. Some people think I'm being a bitch when I think I'm just using my critical-thinking cap. Oh, you'll know when I'm being a real bitch. Renee over at Stitched with Love and Cat Hair has decided to be a sometime replacement. She asked what people do with their used patterns.

I've traded some--I was especially successful when I needed the DMC Flower Thread. I've also joined XStitchYardSale, a yahoo group. So far, no one wants my old stuff. I also tried putting some of it on half.com. No luck there either. I did have some luck at a real-life yard sale once. At the very end of the sale, a crafter came and she was in hog heaven. None of the craft stuff had sold and she bought a bunch of it. We may be having a giant yard sale soon, (we may be moving) and I'm planning to advertise the sale to Church of Craft and the Craftster boards so the right people will come to get the stuff--I'll have over 80 books for sale and even more charts and kits. The one set of kit patterns that I do plan to keep are my perforated Santas--I may make those again.

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