Wednesday, January 05, 2005

All Hail the National Champeens!

Wow! Did SoCal kick serious ass or what? I hope people who think Auburn should be National Champs will shut the fuck up now because USC can make even the most accomplished players (Heisman winners and runners up) look like they just graduated from pop warner. Lots of people thought SC's poor performance against UCLA meant something. Yeah, it meant that rivalry games don't play to form. That's what that meant.

So, yesterday they let us out early to check out the fi'ba' as my Scottish MIL says, which enabled me to pick up a couple of specialty flosses I needed for the rrs. As a result, I finished the Heart in Hand Wee Ones RR. Now, I'm ready to send three of the six round robins (Freebie and my Prairie Schooler among them). I just got the ornament rr yesterday, but I think I should be ready to send that tomorrow--the patterns are so small. The one I have is not shown, but you get the idea--a charm surrounded by a bit of stitching. For ease, it sure beats the heck out of some of my rrs! Then, I just have my Alphabet RR and Wendy's Sisters and Best Friends RR to work on and I can get back to sissy's poncho. I promised her that I would have that done by her birthday (late Feb). I think I can manage.

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