Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Mid-month Finishes and the Beginning of the Packing Saga

I will be completing my Alphabet RR on the 14th, packing issues notwithstanding. I've decided that if I spend two hours a night going through the nine years of accumulate crap (including wedding crap, aka the registry) I have to spend at least an hour stitching. Otherwise, I'll find myself standing in the middle of the study (where we are trying to sort everything) shaking my hands, wailing, weeping, and hyperventilating. Of course, it doesn't help that the dude works on his own schedule and is incredibly stubborn if I make suggestions about a timeline. For example, on Monday night, I went through all 50 linear feet of books in the study and most of my craft books. I packed the books I wanted. (There are still feet of bookshelves to weed in the living room and to pack in the bedroom.) Last night, I went through the coat closet, including some wedding crap and started in on the papers piled around the study. Last night, the dude finally decided to join me in the fun. He went through 24 linear feet of shelving and packed one box of books and created another pile of books he wants. Maybe he'll pack those tonight. Okay, they want him in mid-February, but he doesn't seem to realize how quickly that is coming...

So, when the Alphabet RR goes off, I will have 17 days free of round robin work to knit sissy's poncho...and she thought she wasn't getting it before her birthday. Pictures to come, promise.

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