Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Illicit S.E.X.

The dude got a new job (well, the ink's not dry on the contract yet, but we're 98.8% there) which will be taking us across country. This means we'll be getting rid of the entertainment center, 4 bookcases (of 7) , the portable dishwasher, the couch and chair, the dining room table, the dresser, and about 20 copies of the fabulous Australian magazine Cross-Stitch and Embroidery (just to make it blog-relevant). I've never stitched anything out of these, but kept my unbelievably expensive subscription just to touch them. I'm serious; the paper is thick and glossy and the photos are gorgeous. Lots of wool crewel on beautiful cream fabric. And some Aussie-themed designs. I'm considering putting them on e-bay, but I'm not sure I'll be able to manage it. Would anyone even want them?

So, illicit sex? I'm coming to it. Knowing full well that there is an impending 3000 mile move, I bought stuff. Quite a bit of stuff actually, from some of my favorite online places. I got the fabric to make the bouncing10lb5ozbabyboy's birth sampler. And some 40% off Ewe and Eye and Friend patterns, Slow Poke and You and No Other (Vous et nul autre). I also requested Goode Huswife's Anna's Bird (which just has stunning colors) and I Thee Wed (which will get socked away to be done as part of my effort to do cutesy-coupledom stitches for the dude at each of our anniversaries). I also got the necessary overdyed flosses for Flip Flop Fun for the madre's summer home. Then I went on another site. I got Lavendar Wings' Sara (a wire haired fox terrier for my cousin) , Bent Creek's Snowman Stocking, and Heart in Hand's Anglica (40% off!). Now I have to decide what makes the cut to be taken to our temporary digs and what gets stuck in storage. I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot more about this...

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