Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Well that didn't go as planned

This weekend I didn't make my cards. I was home sick. I had a stomach flu which hasn't entirely left me yet. I got the dude to drive me to Michael's, Joann's and the Yarn Shop so that I could do my shopping so long as I felt good. I didn't want to have to drive if I felt faint, which I did while I was waiting in line to check out at Michael's, but everytime I walk into the hustle and bustle of the Michael's in Santa Monica--and look at the serpentine line to check out--I feel faint. I got the Boa yarn for the co-worker scarf, which I ended up starting on Sunday. I should have been finishing the damn Wee Santas RR which is officially late, but both projects should be done by this time tomorrow. I'll bring the camera home tonight so I can show you what I've done.

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