Friday, December 03, 2004

Baby Steps

I got an extension on the Wee Ones RR, so I don't have to mail until Tuesday. I have been working on it religiously in the evenings, and it's starting to look like something. I've got my Christmas card list done--except for two labels, so I'll just hand address those when I get to them. My packing list is written. (I was in a professional development course yesterday, and had some time to think.) Although that list has spawned a new one, or rather additions to an old one: things I need to buy, like sweaters. Damn this travel from SoCal to NewHamp.

In the mornings, I knit in the car, I think I've mentioned that. My most recent car project is a scarf for myself, which you'll agree is more than necessary since I have never knit for myself! It's made using Chenille Thick and Quick in periwinkle mixed with Homespun Pacifica, which looks better than it sounds. I'm using a moss stitch. It's almost done, so I'll be able to start the co-worker scarf on Monday or Tuesday. I'm getting red and black boa at Michael's
on Saturday since it's on sale.

And for you to mull over the weekend, which literary classic am I?
Virginia Woolf: Orlando. You are a challenge, for
outer events, the outside world, the time etc.
play no importance to you. Your focus is in
writing, in gender issues, and inside your own
head. Self-analysis and exploration of yourself
as well as the outer world hold great
importance to you.
Which literature classic are you?
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