Thursday, November 11, 2004

This Medicine is Makin' Me Sleepy

Most days, I go home and stitch after dinner. I might engage in other crafts, but I try to spend my evenings occupied in some sort of activity. The hive situation is interrupting my regular schedule. The doc gave me some awesome pills that are super antihistimines which, it turns out, are also anti-anxiety meds. When I first started taking them, I thought they were great: I itched less and I slept through the night, which I haven't done with any regularity in 15 years. Sweet, sweet sleep... The problem with the pills is that I have a very small window in which to take them. I fall dead-to-the-world asleep in about 1.5 hours, but, if I take them too late, I won't make it to work (since we only have one car, it's not a matter of being late to work, but a matter of staying home--okay, I could take the bus, but if you saw the route I'd have to take, you'd pardon me). Now I find my entire life scheduled around pills rather than around my needs, like time to stitch. The day-time allergy meds don't work so well (Allegra 180), so when I get home, it's a matter of seeing how long I can go without taking the pills and crashing. I don't have much to report...

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